Filling the Void

I think we are here in this world to fill a void , and what is this void ?Here I am referring to Void as the imperfection and glitches in us and the world , now it’s not necessary that you have to be an avenger , fly high in the sky , fight with aliens, kill someone with your hammer and save the world. No !!But you can save the world by filling the voids inside you by making yourself better ,you should make yourself capable enough to at least help a few needy peoples , you should use your knowledge in a way that can make your and the people around you life worth living , you should be humble enough to not hurt people and brave enough to not let people harm you , you should work on the imperfections or we can say the things you are lacking in. it’s hard to be perfect but if you have faith in yourself, you are dedicated enough and if you channelize all your energy in direction to achieve the things you want it’s not at all impossible to be perfect. And once you are perfect and fill all those voids which were dragging you down .BOOM!! You are no lesser than an avenger .So, make yourself better to make the world better. Here is an example , i don’t know if it goes with the things i just mentioned above but i found it really interesting and want this thing to be appreciated .You all must have heard about “Gigi Hadid” the international supermodel , she is supporter of UNICEF and is always seen working for the betterment of women and children’s . Why would a supermodel visit small villages in Africa in unfavorable weather conditions ? because she wants to reach the people who seek education, food and help and are not capable enough to afford all these and she is good and perfect in what she does and generous enough to share the things and time she has to meet and fulfill the needs of people. And she is filling the void by making those kids smile.

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